Pneuspeed Spouting System

The Pneuspeed System offers a number of immediate advantages:

  • Integral tube clamping and angle adjustment

  • Simply and cheaply erected

  • Improved appearance of your plant

  • Dust tight joints

  • Long life of components

  • Easily erected by relatively unskilled labour

  • Quickly dismantled and re-used elsewhere without waste

  • Easily cleaned and maintained

  • Minimum fire and infestation risks

inspection inlet.jpg (1637 bytes) spout junction.jpg (1466 bytes) hopper.jpg (1690 bytes)
Inspection Inlet Spout Hopper
sample socket.jpg (1806 bytes) floor flange.jpg (2531 bytes) adjustable bend.jpg (1614 bytes)
Sample Socket Floor Flange Adjustable Bend
2-way valve vertical inlet.jpg (1819 bytes) 2-way angled bend.jpg (1775 bytes) divide valve.jpg (1640 bytes)
2-Way Valve (vertical inlet) 2-Way Valve (angled inlet) Divide Valve
sifter outlet.jpg (1528 bytes) tube connector.jpg (2209 bytes) push fit cap.jpg (2164 bytes)
Sifter Outlet Tube Connector Push-Fit Cap


The system is designed for use on gravity conveying of flour and other non-abrasive free-flowing powders. It is suitable for use with the following tubing:-

  • Size 100 - Tubing outside diameter 102mm or 4"

  • Size 125 - Tubing outside diameter 127mm or 5"

Aluminium alloy or powder coated tubing can be supplied according to plant requirements. Other fittings, not illustrated, are also available:

  • 3-way valves

  • Reduction/Expansion connectors

  • Overflow spout junctions

  • Sifter outlet 2-way valves

  • Conveyor mounting 2-way and 3-way valves

  • Neoprene sleeve sliding inspection covers

  • Control sockets with proximity stock sensors

  • Shut-off slides

Valves are also available for electro-pneumatic operation.


Alternative Spouting Systems also available


Where alternative tubing sizes are preferred, the Robinson QUICK SPOUT System is also available, designed for non-abrasive applications, using tubing of 120mm and 6.125" outside diameters.


The QUICK SPOUT System also caters for gravity conveying of abrasive free-flowing granular materials (wheat, maize, barley, etc) using cast iron components and steel tubing of 120mm outside diameter, alternatively 4, 6 or 8" outside diameter.



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